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Charpente métallique, Structure métallique, Chaudronnerie industrielle, Installation industrielle, Tuyauterie générale, Toute industrie agro-alimentaire, Menuiserie aluminium, Entretien des usines, Prestations de services.
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Our garage door is characterized by: a security system several springs, precise guide rail: > Prevents derailment deck > Stop rail safety > Protective covers on the lift arms > Seals protection on the deck and frame > Safety distance between springs. This is a door gardage pre-assembled with fixed frame in rectangular tubes, guide rails with safety stops and door panel part. Balancing by springs and lever arm, locking both genes wraps side with lock profile half-cylinder and round handle. Door panel coated with primer white powder. More comfort with remote controlled door. You open the garage door without leaving your car without exposing yourself to the elements. The mounting and fixing of a tilting door, optimize the available space inside the garage. - Security system several springs - Precision guided on rails prevents derailment deck - Safety stop rail - Protective covers on the lift arms - Joints protection on the deck and frame   Unlocking in case of power failure is easy: In case of power failure, deffectuer automation system still allows manual operation by releasing the gearmotor through an interior door handle or a custom key outside. Systems referred to metallic cord or rigid rod to connect to the handle on the door is also available as an option.
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This is the most reliable solution for your garage home if you do not opt for the high end sectional.
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